From the moment our company was founded, we have helped our clients find exceptional solutions for their businesses , creating memorable brands and digital products. Our expertise grows with each year, and our accumulated experience empowers us to develop products exactly as they should be. 
The quality of our software development comes from how we treat each other. Our talent remains approachable and ready to lend a hand because it’s the right thing to do.

Our story

The founders started working in 2007, based on their previous experiences stemming from their creative hobbies in the technical and technical fields. It started as a marketing company with a programming and design department, but with the growth of this department beyond expectations, the founders decided to establish an integrated entity for technology and development led by 2 expert founders In technology, and one of the founders who are experts in business, and a team of innovators in various software fields

Who do we help?

Companies that rely on technology for business growth. Our clients see us as a long-term strategic partner and trusted adviser for product design, development, DevOps, and cloud computing work.

Why RightMind

we have been providing quality custom software development for a variety of platforms and industries. Our extensive platform expertise makes us the ideal candidate for multi-platform, cross-platform and porting projects.

More than 120 experts

All our engineers work full time in our development lab and have at least 3 years of experience, managers and team leads 7+ years.


We’ve gained expertise in development for every major mobile platform as well as emerging platforms and web/database projects.

Business success

It’s not about writing the code: it’s about delivering an effective solution that brings business value to our clients as well as their future customers.

Building software for world changers